Painting can be quite a lonely business.  Very few people that I know can paint while there are loads of things happening all around them. Strangely loneliness is rarely felt at the time, as it is so all consuming, but only when one realises how much time you have just spent without another soul around you.

Today has been a wonderful mixture as it started by helping hang an exhibition of paintings by many of my friends.  Quite a few of the pictures that came in I recognised as I had seen them in

Up on Alex Tor. their various stages of work in our weekly art group.  Also there were many that were new to me and it was a joy to see the achievement and accomplishment of people who live and work so nearby.

Tomorrow we will all meet up for the exhibition party and I will realise quite how many of us there are who work away at what we do – and how nice it is to get together and swap stories – and PARTY!!