I find the spring and early summer brings the chance to meet wonderful old friends. It starts with the Snowdrops and Primroses. Then come the Daffodils followed by the Bluebells and Campion, and now the Foxgloves. These majestic flowers I encourage to seed in the garden so every year they are in a different position growing up through shrubs and taking over borders.

I took time today to walk around and just look at some of the blooms, notice the patterns of the petals and how the bees are busy going about their daily routine. I feel so fortunate to love gardening and also to enjoy painting some of the plants that, as they reappear fresh and new each year, are really my friends.

Over the next few weeks let me take you on a wander around my garden to share some of the things I find delightful and introduce you to some of my dearest friends!!


I walked home to pack my paints and brushes.

A Wander Through My Garden