I walked up to the village today.   It only takes about five minutes to reach  the bridge over the river and as you emerge from the shade of the trees there is the most vibrant yellow carpet of buttercups.  I  turned up the path towards the moor, past a garden full of Rhododendrons, through the heavy wooden gate and up the steep hillside.

All around me were countless bluebells gently nodding in the breeze releasing a subtle scent.  I kept walking getting higher, working out where I could sit and paint and try to capture the essence of this ancient woodland.  Half way up the path divides so I turned left and took the flat route across the hillside wondering if I could encourage a special friend to come and see this sight before it changes for another  year.  She has great difficulty walking so I wondered if the ground would prove just too uneven for her to manage.

Another turn to the right and after a steep climb the landscape is totally changed to bracken and the next wonder – foxgloves.