What a weekend!  Sometimes in a small village lots of special things happen all at once – this was just such a time!  Yesterday we had great fun helping a friend get ready for her daughters wedding.  There were flowers to do and the church to get ready and then seats to put out as there was simply nowhere for guests to sit.  The church was packed!  After the service there  was lots to do to tidy everything away before we went across to the pub to join the wedding party for Pimms and a Pasty.  Over one hundred and fifty people were enjoying themselves – and in the middle, sitting minding her own business, was Stella the cat!  How do they manage to look so cool and calm.  I love cats!!

We left the party quite early as we had friends coming over for a barbecue but the sea mist rolled in and we cooked and ate inside as it was far too cold and draughty in the garden.

Today was the day of the carnival lunch.  But more of that another day.