I really feel that the Christmas Spirit is coming!  I went down to Cedar Croft Nursery yesterday to replenish the stock of my Christmas Cards which have been selling well and the whole place was filled with lovely colour.  Penny was busy making Christmas Wreaths and Sarah is running their small cafe.  There are Christmas Trees for sale, so, as people go in to buy a tree – why not stop and have a cup of hot chocolate!

Yesterday we met up with some long lost friends who treated us to the most wonderful lunch as part of their annual family get-together.  The food was delicious, the conversation was entertaining and there was singing! Lots of singing.  We sang some of the usual carols but also some Cornish carols and what a joy it was to hear two truly lovely voices leading the celebration.

What are you doing that may be a bit out of the ordinary for YOU this Christmas?

Happy Christmas!