The picture is finished at last! I have thoroughly enjoyed painting it but am strangely sad to hand it over. I will miss it, the personalities, animal and human have lived with me for three months and now have taken a new lease of life in our local pub, The Old Inn at St Breward.

The painting was commissioned by the landlord to hang in the main bar and is the first thing you see when you walk through the door.

I delivered it in the afternoon and was stopped by a group of young people sitting outside in the sunshine. They asked if this was the picture everyone had been going on about and were so keen to see it. They asked all kinds of questions. How had I painted it? With real brushes and paints? NO WAY!! Then one of them recognised and could name nearly all the characters. Some of the riders were his relations – he had ridden the horses and could name the hounds. I was thrilled to chat to them and will be happy to get some lovely prints done for them. Very special customers!

North Cornwall Hunt Meet at The Old Inn.