About two weeks ago I received a visit from some elderly neighbours to ask me to paint a picture to be given as a gift.  I was thrilled as I had painted a picture for them before which was sent out to New Zealand .  My enthusiasm was dampened rather when I heard that they needed it to be ready in only two weeks!   This would be fine for a watercolour but not an oil painting, which takes much longer to dry.

That set me off on exploring the different drying mediums so that I could build up the painting, as I needed to.  Liquin seemed to do the trick!  I had used it before and I can’t really recall why I stopped as it gives the picture a nice finish unlike solvents which have a dulling effect.  The other good thing is that Liquin doesn’t smell which is vitally important for me as some thinners really affect my lungs.

While on my exploration on the internet I came across some wonderful videos on art.  I find that artists are so good at sharing their knowledge and don’t seem to be worried about being copied.  They talk about the materials they use and how they go about painting.  I feel that I would like to try the glazing technique now, as the depth one can achieve is fantastic.  I will have to go away and practice!

The picture all framed and ready to go.