Cornwall is famous for it’s diverse countryside which ranges from high bleak and beautiful moorland, across rolling farmland down to the coast, soft and tree-lined in the south but rough and rugged on the north. It is also memorable for it’s high hedges, which, at this time of the year are an explosion of wild flowers.

Yesterday some of the hedges were cut back and as I walked up the lane this morning the verge on one side was all neat and tidy, efficiently cut back to reveal, sadly, a years worth of accumulated litter.  On the other side, where the flail has not yet reached, the frothing full bloom of summer growth.

Up on the moor things are different.  Cattle, sheep and horses graze so the land has less so-say human management.  The flowers are there though!  Very tiny but so well worth finding.

St Breward, our village, has many walkers during the holiday months who are able to soak up so much more of the beauty of the Cornish atmosphere.  Some of them will stop at the local pub, The Old Inn,  for a generous meal and maybe even buy one of my paintings, which are shown there.

So while this wonderful weather lasts I must stop writing and go up to the moor and enjoy a few quiet hours and just paint!