It’s quite a time since I have written anything on my blog and I am really looking forward to sharing a little of what goes on in my busy Sketch Pad!

Much of the planning for my day is driven by the weather which of course starts the evening before and studying the forecast for what might be in store. Today has worked out well. I have a large garden to tend so as this morning was fine I was able to have a good few hours working before the rain set in.

I had a late lunch and I have to say, a longer sit down than usual (more of a colapse!) while watching the IPCC report on climate change. I find it all so scary. What have we “clever humans” done to our beautiful world? And what can we as individuals hope to do to help put things right. The problem is too enormous for any of us ordinary people to make any kind of impact. Or is it…..?

Now I shall quietly work away in my studio, nicknamed the Sketch Pad, and try to recapture a beautiful day that I spent with my family up on Bodmin Moor.