I was welcomed into my studio this morning by the most beautiful poppy. Although it has been blown over by our recent gales and is lying across the garden it has turned towards the light and is flowering huge and red.

Is that a metaphor?  Should we all take an example from nature and try to lift our heads high, no matter what?  I know I could try but I’m not so sure about the flowering beautifully bit!!

My day ahead is full of nice things to look forward to.

Time in the garden, which despite resembling a jungle because of the weather, is looking lovely and is such a wonderful place to be.

Later I will be going into our nearby town, Wadebridge, to hang some paintings in a cafe window.  Then I am looking forward to spending time this evening with my family and to doing a “Tasting” of a new brand of sausages!

The sun is shining so I am off outside to enjoy it.