I’m sitting looking out of an upstairs window at the view of our garden. There is a rose that has just finished giving the most wonderful display of clusters of white scented flowers next to a Hebe which has very attractive long spikey leaves of pale green. Peeping around them is a Hydrangea which is an unexpected pink. Quite a lot of Cornwall has acid soil so blue is usually their colour. Around them is the garden wall where there are various shrubs and trees giving a barrier beyond which the fields of freshly gathered hay stretch into the distance.

This wonderful view is captured beautifully by the window frame giving an instant picture. This is then divided and sub-divided into smaller and smaller sections of the same view. Each one having a unique feeling and perspective.

When planning a painting I often use a view finder to help frame one particular aspect of the scene to simplify and block out too much information. I hadn’t really considered how helpful a window could be!