We walked to the village yesterday.  It was bitingly cold as we went up through the great Beech trees.  Half way up Mine Hill there was an enormous branch which had come down across the road.  It had been sawn up and heaved to one side  until it could be cleared away properly but at least we could get past.  Our walk was quite sheltered while we were under the trees but as we got to the top where the road stretches out across the moor towards the village the wind was fierce and we were glad to reach The Old Inn to have a meal.

The weather seemed a bit calmer for the walk home.  It is not much more than a mile and a bit, and as it is down hill it is quite easy going.  I was amazed how many flowers there were growing in the hedges although we are in the depths of winter.  All the way down the side of the hill there is a fast flowing river which joins another one at the bottom at the hamlet of Tuckingmill.  The river runs under an old bridge where the trees overhang and show the early signs of spring.